iQ Business Services

iQ Business Services

Since 1999, iQ Business Services has been providing information and guidance to clients in all corners of the UK. Our range of services are summarised below.
Remuneration Trust – available to protect your Ltd Co business and shelter profits
Asset Trust – designed to protect assets including property.
Factoring Trust – to protect larger Limited Companies with over £500k “spare” monies annually.
We work very closely with a large number of Property Specialists and Buy-to-Let Investors, including educational presentations at Property Network Groups, with the primary aim of sheltering assets.
A range of popular alternative investment schemes offering security and attractive income or capital growth.
Tax & Pensions is a trading style of iQ Business Services Ltd. We provide information and guidance to customers and clients with an interest in minimising liabilities to taxation, and in preserving their hard-earned wealth. We are completely independent and have no affiliation or tie to any one provider of Trust arrangements, and regularly research and compare charging structures of all of the main specialists.

Our web site provides broad generic descriptions of the alternatives available, and upon request we will refer you to one or more established provider in order that you receive specific facts-and-figures upon which to base an informed decision.

Please contact us in the first instance via email, with a brief description of your current situation and the areas in which you are most interested in ; saving tax, preserving wealth, accessing existing pension funds, or securely investing for capital growth or income.

Please note that all information provided is based upon our research and current understanding of the range of products available from our panel of provider companies. All figures quoted are for general illustrative purposes and may vary slightly depending upon your specific circumstances.

Upon referral to the appropriate specialists you will have precise figures and explanation provided which will be confirmed formally in writing.

iQ Business Services Ltd is not regulated by the FCA. We operate purely as authorised Introducers to the relevant Provider Company/Companies. We do not offer any regulated financial advice and you may wish to speak to your own Independent Financial Adviser, if this isn’t automatically offered to you following our formal introduction.